VW FDF Automatic Transmission

VW FDF Transmission


Volkswagen Automatic FDF Transmissions

These are first class NEW AUTOMATIC FDF transmissions for 1999-2005 Jetta, Golf, GTI and New Beetle

  • Shipping is quoted to a business with a truck dock.
  • Within 1000 miles from Auburn Hills, MI — ADD: $150.00
  • To west and California — ADD: $275.00

For more information call Recycled Jack @ 248.789.3803

We purchased 200 NEW transmissions direct from the VW assembly plant.


Complete with all new:
– Torque converter
– Switches
– Full of VW’s expensive trans oil

Brand NEW Genuine VW O1M 4spd Auto Transmissions!

Why waste time with re-manufactured or used auto transmissions when you can purchase a brand new unit for the same cost?!

Brand new first class units purchased directly from VW
… these are not the rebuilt units sold by the dealer. ours are NEW…

core charge 250

these are 4 speed ….. not 5 or 6 speed….


vw fdf transmission crate

vw fdf transmission crate

volkswagen fdf transmission side viewvolkswagen fdf transmission side view

volkswagen fdf transmission side view volkswagen fdf transmission side view


vw fdf transmission side viewvw fdf transmission side view

Volkswagen FDF Transmission color

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